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Two-Dimensional Design                  
Digital Two Dimensional Design
Book Arts and Artist Books
Digital Mixed MediaDrawing.html2D_Design.htmlDigital_2D.html

©2002 Gretchen Kunz, Tunnel Book
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©2005 Celine Cannizzaro
Mixed Media Shrine
Collage, Assemblage, & the Found Object

©2004 Greg Cerrato
Reductive Linocut

Collage, Assemblage and the Found Object
Printmaking: Alternative Processes
Printmaking: Relief & Intaglio
Printmaking: Screenprinting and Non-traditional Lithography
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©2011 Shannon Muldoon, multiple color lithograph

©2007 Tom D’Acunto
Digital Collage

©2008 Hayley Battaglia, imaginary composite creature, graphite drawing

©2008 Betsy VanLangen, mm postcards project

©2011 Christine Cairoli
Found Object Sculpture
Collage, Assemblage, & the Found Object

Perspective letters & pattern composition
Two-Dimensional Design

©2000 Kimberly Klibert
3D Assemblage Problem
Two-Dimensional Design

©2001 Rebecca Rideout, hand-built tea set, Independent Study